Cooling Units - We have all you may need

Isotherm cooling units represent the most technologically advanced and complete selection available on the market. Free your layouts and get maximum benefits of your on board space with Isotherm cooling units! Capable to match any demand, they offer solutions from 60 to 600 liters of cooling capacity, being extremely flexible in product customization. A wide range of evaporators, exclusive Isotherm know-how, allow an unbeatable product performance and flexible on board application. The variety of controls matches any customer demands and ensures the lowest power consumption on the market.

Feel free to select the best way to dissipate heat based on your application constraints, via air or water cooling. As a final step, select the best control system based on your application needs, with the unique plus of being delivered with a self-explanatory all-in-one packaging! (Only for premium products as SEC, ITC and ITC+).

An Innovative Modular Concept

All-in-one packaging to ease installation , stock management and aftermarket promotion

Ready to match any demand

With multiple control options, you can always find the best balance to match both your perfomance and your power consumptions requirements

Sea water cooled Units (self pumping)

Air-cooled Units

Sea-water cooled Magnum Units (electric pump)