The World of Isotherm Refrigeration

Isotherm provides an unrivalled range of marine refrigeration solutions whose energy efficiency, quality and design features are highly valued by the marine industry worldwide.

Our products are exclusively manufactured using high quality components. The wide product range consists of refrigerators and freezers, built-in and travel boxes, wine cellars, as well as customized solutions for more comfort on board. For best cooling performances, option of using air or seawater for efficient heat removal is always available.

Our brand Isotherm is internationally known and enjoy an excellent reputation on the market for quality and design. It constitutes a major asset for our international distribution network. Isotherm offers a unique value proposition in the marine refrigeration industry.

High-quality refrigeration systems

Isotherm CRUISE refrigerators and freezers are the result of careful research. Marine refrigerators operate under tough conditions: they must withstand violent movement, operate noiselessly, be thoroughly reliable – and perhaps the most important of all – consume an absolute minimum of battery power.

Easy access to food and drinks

The convenient DRAWER openings allow an easy access to food and drinks. An extraordinary stylish design and robust mechanisms round up these highly functional units.

Exclusive Energy Saving Technology

A wide range of energy management solutions to provide clever power savings on board

Making your own fridge has never been so simple

Enjoy the most advanced and complete selection available on the market, capable to match any cooling demand. Free your layouts and get maximum benefits of your onboard space!

Enjoy life at the perfect temperature

Cooling everywhere. Enjoy drinks anywhere with our travel boxes . Turn any space on board into a nice top-loaded cooling box with our built-in range.

Ice Makers

Serving drinks on board is great. But being able to serve them with ice cubes is even better. By offering two different models with two different technologies, customers can choose between clear ice and white ice. The model IceDrink Clear uses the spray technology for up to 18 kg of clear ice, while the IceDrink White produces up to 8 kg of white ice cubes.

Wine Cellars & Cooler

Isotherm offers cellars of two different sizes (23 and 35 bottles) and a wine cooler Divino The One for one bottle. Both 23 and 35 bottles wine cellars can be built into the dressers or columns of modular furniture with no alteration of furniture design. For a perfect integration, the profile of the door is totally lined up with the doors of the furniture. Divino The One is an integrated wine cooler that keeps wine perfectly chilled during service.