Isotherm Intelligent Temperature Control

The ITC Digital Display (Intelligent Temperature Control) clearly shows, controls and regulates the temperature in a refrigerated compartment from the exterior of a fridge/freezer cabinet, while significantly reducing the on-board power consumption. The ITC Digital Display in conjunction with a Holding Plate forms a cooling unit called ITC+, where the storing energy effect is amplified thanks to the huge range of plates available.

The ITC Digital Display clearly shows, controls and regulates temperature in a refrigerated compartment from the exterior of a fridge/freezer cabinet. It is dedicated to people who desire a nice-looking interface and a refined product interaction, as well as reduce on board power consumption. Thanks to the presence of an air sensor in the cabinet, the electronic control unit detects the actual air temperature and processes that in combination with the user selected settings, in order to define the compressor operation. Remote product interaction is extremely easy and accurate since data readings appear on the display, like temperature set or detected, selection of energy saving operations, compressor’s operation mode settings, (ITC, Eco and Overcooling mode) and choice of 3 battery protection levels. Product integration is simple, since the device is compatible with control units Indel Webasto Marine P/N SEG00002DA and SEG00030GA (respectively Secop versions 101N0212 and 101N0510 for BD35/50F) allowing a recess flush installation and a wall mounted. In combination with the Isotherm holding plates, it becomes ITC+, joining the benefits of the advanced system logic to the energy storing effect. ITC+, the unbeatable combination.


Convincing factors are:

  • Available as retrofit kit or originally fitted on fridges in the factory
  • Up to 25% energy saving due to a more efficient use of the compressor
  • Up to 40% savings with combined effects of stored cooling energy in food and drinks
  • Quick cooling in boost mode
  • Soft start to avoid starting peaks
  • Eco mode
  • Easy to set battery protection directly from the display

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