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Air Heat Exchanger

The air heater provides defrost power with radial fans and three power steps. It transfers the surplus of heat coming from the engine to defrost as well as to heat the cabin. The heater is equipped with a radial fan offering three power steps and with four 60 mm hose brackets for the warm air distribution.

Air-Cooled Cooling Units with Intelligent Temperature Control

The ITC Digital Display (Intelligent Temperature Control) clearly shows, controls and regulates the temperature in a refrigerated compartment from the exterior of a fridge/freezer cabinet. It is dedicated to people that desire a nice-looking digital interface and a professional product interaction. It provides get multiple options to reduce the on board power consumption with easy settings : ITC, Eco and overcooling mode. A dedicated Air sensor always provides accurate readings and the user can chose among three different battery’s protection levels.

Air-Cooled Cooling Units with Intelligent Temperature Control +

The ITC Digital Display in conjunction with a Holding Plate forms a cooling unit called ITC+, where the storing energy effect is amplified thanks to the wide range of eutectic plates available. The intelligent energy management system charges the holding plate when batteries are at high charge level (engine running or on-grid) and restitutes progressively the cold energy to reduce drain on batteries when used as single source of energy.

Air-Cooled Cooling Units with Mechanical Control

The mechanical thermostat represents the standard control element of the cooling unit program, being reliable and easy to use for boat owners.

Air-Cooled Cooling Units with Smart Energy Control

The Smart Energy Control (SEC) is a sophisticated processor-based control device, that achieves significant power consumption savings by continuously adapting the compressor speed at its best performance/battery drain ratio according to a set of key environmental factors. Via the storage function in food and drinks, it can achieve up to 50% electrical savings Vs. conventional control systems, representing the best answer for users hunting for the lowest power consumption.

BI 16

The BI 16 is a refrigerator box equipped with the space saving Secop BD 1.4F Micro compressor solution. The upper lid with inner recess allows big bottle storage. Temperature range from 0°C to +10°C. It combines great usability to high development standards, thanks to its easy to use digital display and to a "splash proof" IPX5 front protection.  


BI 172 Dual

Built-In 172 DUAL is a combined cooling solution 130 liter fridge & 38 liter freezer or 172 liter fridge only, capable to work on a multiple use base. Top loading openings for fridge and freezer compartments and front loading opening for fridge compartment are possible. The innovative concept at the base of the BI172 is modularity both in use and application. It is the end user deciding the product functions, according to his needs. DC or AC/DC versions available.

BI 29 Dual

The BI 29 is a refrigerator or freezer box with stainless steel inner lining and plastic bottom section. It offers a range of +10 °C to -12 °C. Equipped with roller slides (optional) the box can be used as a drawer. The compressor can be removed up to 1.1 meter away.

BI 36

The BI 36 is a top loading refrigerator box equipped with Secop BD35F 12/24V DC compressor. The product is meant to be integrated into customer’s furniture and customized in finishing via the upper lid, granting safe hinging according to product application type and layout specifications. Temperature range from 0°C to +10°C. It combines great usability to high development standards.

BI 40

The BI 40 is a built-in refrigerator box. It is equipped with an L-shaped evaporator. The fan-cooled compressor is mounted on the side and can be removed up to 1.2 meter away. Other compressor options as SP or Magnum are also available.