How to build your own box?

Most boats are different but they do tend to have one thing in common and that is that they have very few right angles or regular shaped compartments. There are usually very few boats that can take a ready-made refrigerator or freezer - you just have to make it yourself!

Build your own cooler box!

We can supply a flat-pack set of ready-cut insulated panels to help you build a customised box. The panels (part number SCD00001AA), are covered on both sides with 2.5 mm plastic laminate of foodstuff quality and have 46 mm thick closed cell foam insulation in between. They are easy to cut and glue together using a polyurethane sealant or mould resistant silicone resulting in joints that are leak-proof but not totally inflexible. The kit consists of three insulation panels measuring 978 x 478 x 50 mm. Cover strips for the edges of the lid are included together with simple instructions.



Keep the following in mind:

A top-opening box is usually preferable. The cold air is not leaking out when the box is opened to the same degree as for a front opened fridge. A box can also be designed to fit the shape of the interior and the hull. Select a suitable place on board where the box can be built. It is to prefer that the box is built in connection to the galley. Do not build a bigger box than necessary, it is better economy to have a smaller well filled up than a bigger half full box. To access the box contents from above should be easy. The lid is normally a storage yard. The lid opening should be not lager than give access to both hands, when loading or taking out the provisions. It is a great help if the area for the box can be completely made free for moulding and building. Avoid building the box close to warm engine room or heater compartment. If that cannot be avoided, extra insulation must be added. Also have in mind that the connection pipe to the compressor is 2 m on evaporators and 3 m long on holding plates.

Try to create as many right angles as possible. Make the bottom as big as possible. The bottom shall be made in a size allowing the sides standing on the bottom panel. The bottom must be carefully fastened in the interior, the box filled with provisions must withstand the force during sailing in rough seas. Very often, additional supports and brackets must be manufactured. Normally it is to prefer that the top part will lie on top of the sides. The box will be more stable. The lid is cut out from the top part and can either be hinged or loosely. If the lid is made loosely, which is often to prefer, make it either absolute square or obvious rectangular to make handling easy. On top of the lid plywood or a wooden alike plate can be mounted to match the interior. The insulation end of the lid has to be protected with plastic strips to create a smooth easy to clean surface. It is important that the lid is well tight, to prevent warm air entering the box. Mount a rubber sealing strip on the lid.


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