Air-Cooled Cooling Units with Smart Energy Control

The Smart Energy Control (SEC) is a sophisticated processor-based control device, that achieves significant power consumption savings by continuously adapting the compressor speed at its best performance/battery drain ratio according to a set of key environmental factors. Via the storage function in food and drinks, it can achieve up to 50% electrical savings Vs. conventional control systems, representing the best answer for users hunting for the lowest power consumption.


Using air which is blown through the condenser by a fan is the traditional way to remove the heat. It is important that the compressor compartment is well ventilated allowing cold air to enter from below and hot air to escape to the top.


Available Product Versions

Part NumberDescriptionMax Volume Fridge (Cu. Ft) Max Volume Freezer (Cu. Ft) Dimensions Evaporator L x W x H (inches) Dimensions Compressor L x W x H (inches)WeightCompressor Type
Compact "GE80-ISEC", Flat evaporator (9.9 x 13.8), Click-on Bracket, Air Cooled, 2.8 cu.ft. fridge or 0.9 cu. ft. freezer (4G080BS1X0000)2,80,914 x 1011 x 6 x 620BD35F
Compact "2010-ISEC", L-shaped evap. (8.2 x 15.7 x 6.6), Bracket, Air Cooled, 4.4 cu.ft. fridge or 1.4 cu.ft. freezer (42010BS1X0000) 4,41,515.7 x 6.9 x 8.2511 x 6 x 620BD35F
Compact "GE150-SX", Flat evaporator (14.2 x 15.2), Click-On Bracket, Air Cooled, 5.3 cu.ft. fridge or 1.7 cu. ft. freezer (4G150BS1X0000)5,31,815 x 1411 x 6 x 620BD35F
Compact "2013-ISEC", X-Large flat-evap (11.8 x 53.9), Click-on Bracket, Air Cooled, 14.1 cu.ft. fridge or 4.7 cu. ft. freezer14,14,754 x 1212 x 6 x 6 26BD50F


My Advantages

  • Fridge versions or freezer versions available
  • 12 / 24 V Secop compressor
  • Universal kit AC / DC optional for a complete power supply compatibility (12 / 24 V, 230 / 115 V and 50 / 60 Hz)
  • Easy installation thanks to “click-on” system on DC models