Cooling boxes: Enjoy Cooling Everywhere

Isotherm cooling boxes are your reliable partner for daily use and in extreme conditions! No matter where you decide to cruise, Isotherm cooling boxes offer the right cooling solution for your boat or yacht. Travel boxes are easy to carry everywhere while Built-In boxes allow an optimized use of space on board thanks to the top-loading access to the interior. They are extremely flexible in size and design.

Transportable Cooling Boxes - Robust, Reliable and Convenient

Isotherm Travel boxes offer great capacities to store food and drinks on board. They are available in a wide range of capacity starting from 13 liters up to 51 liters. Their compact and light design helps to optimise space on board.

Built-In Cooling Boxes

Indel Webasto Marine Built-In boxes allow an optimised use of space on board thanks to the top-loading access to the interior. Built-In boxes are versatile in design and function 

Transportable Cooling Boxes

  • Very light and compact design
  • Big capacities to store food and drinks (13-51 liters)
  • Big units equipped with handles for easy transport
  • 12/24 V Danfoss/Secop compressor
  • 2 years warranty

Built-In Cooling Boxes

  • Easy access to food and drinks from the top
  • Numerous installation opportunities
  • Extremely space-saving
  • Customized solutions of the top lid for a perfectly adapted design
  • 12/24 V Danfoss / Secop compressor (remote on demand)
  • Plastic or stainless steel inside lining to avoid any damage even after contact with salt water
  • Evaporator integrated in the foam allows easy cleaning (except BI 40)
  • Customizable top
  • Options: AC/DC