Compact "SX" Refrigeration Kits with Isotherm Smart Energy Control


The new Isotherm Compact "SX" Refrigeration Kits come complete with the Isotherm Smart Energy Control for maximum energy efficiency.  Kits come in four sizes:  The GE80-SX for fridges up to 2.8 cubic feet, the GE150-SX for fridges up to 5.3 cubic feet, the 2010-SX for fridges up to 4.4 cubic feet, and the 2013-SX for fridges up to 14 cubic feet.

With the added Isotherm Smart Energy Control, these systems can consume 30 to 50 percent less battery power under typical cruising conditions when there is a surplus of power such as when an engine is running or solar panels are putting out voltage over 13 volts.

Following are the part numbers and descriptions:  

  Compact "SX" Systems with Integrated Smart Energy Control (ISEC)
4G080BS1X0000 Compact "GE80-SX" with ISEC, Flat evaporator (9.9 x 13.8), Click-on Bracket,  Air Cooled, 2.8 cu.ft. fridge or 0.9 cu. ft. freezer
4G150BS1X0000 Compact "GE150-SX" with ISEC, Flat evaporator (14.2 x 15.2), Click-On Bracket,  Air Cooled, 5.3 cu.ft. fridge or 1.7 cu. ft. freezer
42010BS1X0000 Compact "2010-SX" with ISEC, L-shaped evap. (8.2 x 15.7 x 6.6), Click-on Bracket, Air Cooled, 4.4 cu.ft. fridge or 1.4 cu. ft. freezer
42013BS1X0000 Compact "2013-SX" with ISEC, X-Large flat-evap (11.8 x 53.9), Click-on Bracket, Air Cooled, 14.1 cu.ft. fridge or 4.9 cu. ft. freezer