Holding Plate Refrigeration Systems

Holding Plate Systems with Intellegent Temperature Control (ITC) and Automatic Start Up (ASU) Technology


Isotherm Holding Plate Systems now come with the Isotherm Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) which gives the user more control over compressor speed and temperatures.  The ITC is now the standard for all holding plate systems up to 7 cubic foot fridge or 2.3 cubic foot freezer.

For larger volume systems of 9.2 and 11.5 cubic foot fridges only that use the BD80 compressors and electronics, the Isotherm ASU technology is available in the 5302 and 5802 models.  The Isotherm ASU technology detects when a surplus of power is available like when you're running an engine or from solar panels and runs the compressor at the highest speed to freeze the holding plate. This storage of cold is used to achieve unbeatable power savings.  


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