Marine Water Heaters


The Indel Webasto Marine Isotemp water heaters are specifically designed for the use on yachts and boats. Only high quality components are chosen to ensure the best product performance. The marine water heaters are very robust, both the water tank and external cylinder are made of stainless steel in Basic and Slim models while new SPA range features the same internal tank in stainless steel and an outer casing made of high quality polypropylene.

Isotemp marine water heaters feature 316-grade acid resistant stainless steel inner tank that is backed by a 5-year limited warranty. Isotemp achieves the highest capacity by optimized positioning of the engine water heat exchanger as well as the electrical immersion heating element. They are positioned in the lowest part of the tank where the water is coldest in order to ensure an equal heating of all the water in the tank. The water inlets and outlets are specially positioned to minimize the mixture of cold and hot water. All Isotemp models come with a single 115 or 230 volt / 750 watt electric heating element.

The Basic models are 16 inches in diameter. The Slim models are 12 inches in diameter. The SPA models are 12.4 and 15.4 inches in diameter. Basic and SPA are shorter with the Slim being longer for volumes offered. Please see the Isotemp section in the catalog for dimensions and part numbers.