Isotherm Cruise 271 Marine Refrigerator Freezer

Isotherm CRUISE 260 COMBI - Extra large CRUISE refrigerator


The Isotherm Cruise 260 COMBI brings large refrigerator storage to the marine market by combining the proven performance of the Isotherm 130 DRINK mounted over the Isotherm 130 Drawer as a single unit.  This combination provides extra refrigeration storage for those who need minimal freezer space.  A four gallon internal freezer in the lower drawer fridge provides ample space for ice and other frozen goods while allowing for maximum storage of refrigerated supplies.

Thanks to the modular concept of the COMBI line, different combinations can be accomplished, based on an elegant stainless steel flush frame that joins together proven refrigerators and freezers in a single unit for large volume storage. Interesting hybrid mix are now possible by combining front door opening fridges over convenient drawer units.

There are four COMBI models: 

  • The Cruise 195 (4.6 cubic foot fridge over a 2.3 cubic foot deep freezer

  • The Cruise 220 (4.6 cu.ft. fridge over a 3.1 cu.ft. deep freezer

  • The Cruise 260 (4.6 cu.ft. fridge over a 4.6 cu.ft. fridge/freezer)

  • The Cruise 320 (5.5 cu.ft. fridge over a 5.5 cubic foot fridge/freezer)


Following are the part numbers and descriptions for the CR260:

C260RIEIA71113AACruise 260 Upright Refrigerator -  AC/DC - 9.2 cu. ft. (4.6 cu. ft. top / 4.6 cu. ft. bottom ),  Stainless Steel, Right Swing
C260LIEIA71113AACruise 260 Upright Refrigerator -  AC/DC - 9.2 cu. ft. (4.6 cu. ft. top / 4.6 cu. ft. bottom ),  Stainless Steel, Left Swing

My advantages

  • Volume: 260 liters
  • Silent, high efficient, fan cooled 12/24V Danfoss / Secop compressor (type BD35F x 2)
  • Mounting frame for an easy and neat installation
  • Modular concept, 130L front opened fridge & 130L drawer fridge

Technical details

CR 260
Volume (cu.ft.)
upper door fridge: 4.6 + lower drawer fridge 4.6 (internal freezer: 0.75 cu. ft.)
Dimensions H x W x D (inch)
60.8 x 21.7 x 22
Power consumption (W/24h)
400 + 450
Weight (lbs)
Dimensional Drawing (USA)


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