Marine refrigerator CRUISE 130 Clean Touch

Isotherm CRUISE 130 Clean Touch Stainless Steel - Large CRUISE Fridge


The Isotherm Cruise 130 Elegance Clean Touch Stainless Steel is the latest development in the Cruise Elegance line. The new Isotherm Clean Touch stainless steel is specially treated to remain clean to the touch and resist the rigors of the marine environment. The Clean Touch has excellent scratch and abrasion resistance as well as resistance to stains.  As the premier marine refrigeration brand, the Isotherm Clean Touch provides excellent resistance to salt spray, sun, heat, UV, and condensation in the marine environment.

Like the original Elegance doors, the new Isotherm Clean Touch door is thicker than traditional doors which results in lower power consumption, greater energy efficiency, and superior performance. The wider, more ergonomic, center handle and door design allow for easy swing change from right to left swing. Video

The new Isotherm Clean Touch Stainless Steel doors are available on five models: 42, 49, 65, 85 and 130 liters.  These models represent the most common cutout dimensions in the marine and mobile industry, making the upgrade to the new Clean Touch simple and easy. 

Following are part numbers and description:

C130RNGIT11111AA Cruise 130 Clean Touch Stainless Steel - DC Only, 4 - Side Stainless Steel Flange
C130RNGIT71113AA Cruise 130 Clean Touch Stainless Steel - AC/DC, 4 - Side Stainless Steel Flange

My advantages

  • Volume: 130 liters
  • Silent, high efficient, fan cooled 12/24V Danfoss / Secop compressor (type BD35F)
  • Easy fix system
  • White LED internal lighting

Technical details

Cruise 130 Clean Touch Stainless Steel (INOX)
Cruise 130 (Inox) CT
Volume (cubic feet)
Dimensions H x W x D (inches)
29.3 x 21.4 x 21.4
Power consumption (W/24h)
Weight (kg)
Dimensional Drawing (USA) 


Product images

Data sheet CRUISE fridges
Isotherm Smart Energy Control

All CRUISE Elegance fridges have been prepared and tested for the installation of Isotherm Smart Energy Control. The location of the sensor is pre-configured in the cabinet.