Built-In Box BI 29 DUAL

Built-in boxes: Built-In Box BI 29 DUAL


The BI 29 is a refrigerator or freezer box with stainless steel inner lining and plastic bottom section. It offers a range of +10 °C to -12 °C. Equipped with roller slides (optional) the box can be used as a drawer when the compressor mounts on the box.  

The compressor can be remotely mounted up to 3 feet away.  Following is the part number and description:

3029BB2D00000 BI-29 Build-In Freezer or Fridge, DC Only, Stainless Steel Interior, Air Cooled, Remote Compressor, 1 cu. ft. 

My advantages

  • Volume: 29 liters
  • 12/24V Danfoss/Secop compressor 
  • Easy access to food and drinks from the top
  • Better installation options
  • Extremely space saving
  • Customizing options for the lid allow for perfectly adapted design
  • Refrigeration or freezer box
  • Stainless steel inner lining and plastic bottom section
  • Equipped with roller slides (optional)

Technical details

Built-In Box BI 29 DUAL
Volume (cu.ft.)
Dimensions H x W x D (inch)
* Compressor dimensions
14.6 x 13.4 x 20.2
Power consumption (W/24h)


Weight (lbs)
Operation temperature (°F)
+50 to +14
Dimensional Drawing (USA)


Product image

Built-In Box BI 29 DUAL
Built-In Box BI 29 DUAL