New BI172 DUAL Fridge/Freezer Combination


The Isotherm BI-172 Built-In Refrigerator / Freezer is a revolutionary advancement in marine refrigeration which gives boat builders a way to build-in a reliable refrigerator/freezer with multiple access points.  The BI-172 has the versatility to be a refrigerator with large freezer section or to remove the freezer partition and make it refrigerator only.  The BI-172 is AC/DC as well, working on all common power sources worldwide. 

Two top opening hatches which can be configured to open to the back or side make easy access to the freezer and fridge sections and a side door allows easy access to storage in the lower fridge sections.  Top access retains cold and reduces energy consumption, making the BI-172 an excellent energy-efficient fridge/freezer for all boat types. 

With its remote-mount compressor, the BI-172 solves refrigerator ventilation and service issues by allowing installation of the compressor in well-ventilated, easy-to-access locations away from the refrigerator. 

The BI-172 can be built into a galley or the newly-popular, on-deck fiberglass entertainment consoles without the problems associated with exposure to salt spray, wash down, and the general rigors of boating.  The BI-172 can be built-in to wood cabinets with Corian tops or fiberglass structures to blend in seamlessly with the boat’s design.

A robust system of cooling coils and extra-thick insulation guarantees high performance and efficiency under the most demanding nautical conditions. Copper cooling coils wrap two sides of the freezer compartment and one side of the refrigerator compartment to deliver reliable cooling, even in tropical conditions.

Following is the part number and description:

B172YNAAA14111AA BI-172 Build-In Top/Side Opening Refrigerator/Freezer, Air Cooled, Remote Mount Compressor, DC Only, 6 cu. ft.

My advantages

  • Flexible: a combined solution 130 liter fridge & 38 liter freezer or 172 liter fridge only
  • Convenient: top loading openings for fridge and freezer compartments
  • Modular: front loading opening for fridge compartment
  • Customizable: fully individual within the furniture integration
  • Suitable: DC or AC/DC versions available
  • Qualified: CE certified for Sub Tropical (ST) applications

Technical details

Volume (l)
172 liters (6.1 cubic feet)
Dimensions H x W x D (mm)
* Compressor dimensions

32.7 H x 38.6 W x 19.4 D

Power consumption (W/24h)


Weight (lbs)
Operation temperature (°F)
+50 to -6
Dimensional Drawing


Product image

Built-In Box BI 92 DUAL
Built-In Box BI 172 Fridge/Freezer
BI-172 top view
BI-172 features
BI-172 hatches open to side or back