Cooling Technology:

Isotherm Smart Energy Control


With Isotherm Smart Energy Control, Indel Webasto Marine offers the very unique opportunity to dramatically reduce on board power consumption for refrigeration appliances. This kit can be easily retrofitted to upgrade the energy saving capabilities of your existing Isotherm refrigeration product.

Important Note:  The Isotherm Smart Energy Control (ISEC) only fits the Danfoss/SeCOP DC-Only module.  The new CRUISE Elegance line provides a pre-formed location in the cabinet for installing the ISEC temperature probe.  Please see the videos below for tutorials on installation of the ISEC and other Elegance features.


How does it work ?

The sophisticated, processor-based Isotherm Smart Energy Control technology achieves significant power consumption savings by continuously scanning a set of key environmental factors to determine, through advanced proprietary algorithms, what is the most relevant compressor speed to maximize the performance/battery drain ratio (COP).


The device not only makes your fridge intelligent but also allows the storage of a significant amount of cold energy into the loaded food and drinks. Isotherm Smart Energy Control reduces the cabinet temperature more than a traditional fridge without freezing the food. This is continuously monitored by an air sensor in the cabinet. The cooling energy is stored when a power surplus is available (engine on or connection to grid) and reused first, before the fridge is running on battery.

The result:
Up to 35 % savings due to a more efficient use of the compressor and up to 50 % savings with combined effects of stored cooling energy in food and drinks.

Following is the part number and description:

SED00033AA Isotherm Smart Energy Control Kit 

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