ITC Digital Display

Intelligent Temperature Control

Isotherm Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) - How does it work?

ITC Digital Display

For boaters who want to minimize battery consumption and maximize cooling performance, the new Isotherm Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) takes advantage of new developments in DC and AC/DC control modules from SeCOP (Danfoss) to reduce energy consumption.  The ITC kit consists of a display module with easy to adjust controls which allows the user to set operating parameters for temperature and compressor speed.

The Isotherm Intelligent Temperature Control display panel provides an instant reading of actual temperatures inside the fridge or freezer.  Temperatures can be changed with a simple press of the up or down keys in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.  Fault display and 3 battery protection levels provide additional user control.  Manual activation of the ECO function assures minimum power consumption in this energy-saving mode which runs the compressor at the slowest speed.

The ITC provides standard smart features such as:

  • Soft Start which allows for effective, safe start-up of the compressor
  • Fast Cooling is achieved by running the compressor at maximum speed to lower temperatures as quickly as possible
  • Over Cooling is activated by microprocessor to accumulate cold when there is a surplus of energy such as when the battery is in charge mode (engine running, solar panels charging) or when on AC for AC/DC modules


The ITC Digital Display controls the temperature in a refrigerator or freezer compartment from the exterior of a fridge/freezer cabinet.  The display can be mounted flush or proud mount (see download below for details). Settings on the display panel include temperature setting, selection of energy saving options, choice of 3 battery protection levels, and compressor operating mode settings (ITC, ECO, and Overcooling modes).

The ITC works with both DC only modules and AC/DC modules, specifically the the new generation SeCOP control modules 101N0212 (DC only) and 101N510 (AC/DC) for BD35F / BD50F compressors. All new Isotherm fridges come equipped with the new generation SeCOP modules.

Indel Webasto Marine takes years of expertise in energy-saving innovation that began with ASU, then ISEC, and now the Intelligent Temperature Control to make a simple-to-install kit that will revolutionize energy savings for the boating industry.


Following is the part number and description:

SED00036DA - Isotherm ITC Digital Display Kit - Intelligent Temperature Control

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