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Isotherm ASU was the first system which automatically regulated the speed of the compressor by registering the level of refrigeration required and the electrical power available at any given time, a technique which looks likely to become one of the future energy-saving systems even for household refrigerators. It has the ability to determine when a surplus of power is available. A new leap forward in energy saving technology is Isotherm SMART ENERGY CONTROL, a device that makes your fridge intelligent allowing storage of a significant amount of cold energy into the loaded food and drinks.


Isotherm: the Leader in Innovation and Development of on-board cooling systems!

For many years, Isotherm has been the leader in innovation and development of on-board cooling systems for the marine industry. Isotherm has pioneered energy-saving, award-winning technologies like ASU (“Automatic Start-Up”) and the Isotherm Smart Energy Control (ISEC). The heart of the Isotherm system is the Danfoss / Secop AEO (Adaptive Energy Optimization) compressor. Isotherm has maximized the capabilities of these compressors for performance and economy with the development of a new generation of the patented ASU "Automatic Start Up" electronic control system and Isotherm Smart Energy Control kits.  

The new generation of smaller SeCOP (formerly Danfoss) compressors are even more efficient and quiet than ever. These new compressors work in a mixture of oil and refrigerant which contributes to the extremely quiet running and long life expectancy of these hermetically sealed compressors.


ASU optimizes advanced compressors for greatest energy efficiency


The Isotherm ASU maximizes performance and efficiency of the new Danfoss / SeCop compressors by utilizing the compressor’s three-phased electric design found in high efficiency electric motors. The three-phase current is created and controlled in the compact ASU microprocessor.  In the ASU "computer", Isotherm has programmed a number of functions that check and control many of the compressor functions thus achieving the lowest possible power consumption and highest performance in relation to operating conditions. Danfoss / SeCOP compressors along with the Isotherm ASU module and with the Isotherm holding plate are an unbeatable combination for highly efficient, battery powered cooling systems.


The ASU technology is a proven product that has been widely used by boaters for over 30 years. The ASU technology works with both 12 V and 24 V systems and is designed to protect itself from accidental polarity reversals. Thanks to improvements in technology and manufacturing, boaters are now able to enjoy greater cooling capacity with higher efficiency and power saving than ever before.


Third generation refrigeration compressors optimized by the Isotherm Smart Energy Control (ISEC) system


The latest development for award-winning refrigeration technology is the Isotherm Smart Energy Control system, a simple kit that can be easily retrofitted to all Danfoss DC-only refrigeration electronics modules to upgrade the energy saving capabilities of your existing Danfoss / SeCOP compressor based refrigeration products. The Isotherm Smart Energy Control module works like the ASU module by recognizing when additional voltage is available from engine alternators, solar panels, or wind generators and using that surplus power to run the compressor at higher speed to lower temperatures in a fridge or freezer. This extra cold is absorbed by food and beverages to act like a cold-holding system for when the system runs on battery power alone. When surplus power is not available, the ISEC module slows the speed of the compressor and allows temperatures to return to normal operating temperatures, thus saving battery power. This combination of automated temperature control and compressor speed control can save up to 30 to 50 percent more power than conventional systems under typical cruising conditions. With the new ISEC kit, boaters can turn old, conventional systems into state-of-the-art energy efficient cooling systems!




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