AC/DC or DC Only? How Does It Work?

AC/DC and DC Only


Isotherm AC/DC products work on all common power sources used worldwide including 115v/230v AC (both 50 and 60 Hertz) as well as 12 or 24 volts DC.  DC only systems are available for those who only wish to use DC voltage.

AC/DC modules switch automatically to AC whenever there is AC voltage (from 80 to 260 volts) and covert the AC to the 24 volts DC that the Danfoss/SeCOP compressor uses.  For some products that come as DC only, an external AC/DC converter (Isotherm part number Z999/561) can be used so the product will run on AC.


Isotherm AC/DC systems make cruising simple with automatic switching


All Isotherm AC/DC fridges sold in the US come with an two prong US plug and cord. (A two prong Euro plug is available for an extra charge).  The AC cord is plugged into the “L” and “N” terminals at the top of the AC/DC module.  A red (positive) and black (negative) DC wires come attached to the DC terminals on the electronic module.  The DC only module does not have the “L” and “N” terminals – only the positive and negative DC terminals.  (NOTE: the Isotherm Smart Energy Control Module can only mount on the DC-only terminals)

The customer will plug into their AC source and crimp-connect to their DC source.  A 20 amp DC breaker is recommended or the use of the supplied 15 amp in-line (positive) fuse.  A 15 amp AC breaker is recommended for the AC supply.  These will cover all size fridges and freezers.



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