Water-cooled Magnum Cooling Units with Dual Temperature Control

Mechanical thermostat with Dual Temperature - can be set for either fridge or freezer temperatures

Isotherm Magnum – Seawater cooled electric pump

Isotherm Magnum units are especially designed for vessels with exceptionally high refrigeration requirements, for example vessels sailing in tropical waters. Isotherm Magnum uses the surrounding water to increase cooling efficiency. All Magnum models are fitted with integral seawater pumps for circulating the cooling water through the cooling section of the refrigerator compressor. The pump is quiet, self-priming, withstands dry running and is self-aerating. The highly efficient heat exchanger is manufactured in a corrosion-resistant copper-nickel alloy and fitted with a zinc anode. Sea water-cooled units are extremely efficient and offer increased cooling capacity.

Available Product Versions

Unit code Max Volume Fridge (l)Max Volume Freezer (l)Dimensions evaporator (mm)Dimensions compressor W x H x D (mm)Weight (kg)Secop Compressor type
U200X066R12411AA20066“Oval“ 380 x 140 x 270420 x 240 x 20015BD50F
U260X086P12411AA26086“Flat“ 1000 x 270420 x 240 x 20014BD50F
U400X133P12411AA400133“Flat“ 1370 x 300420 x 240 x 20016BD50F


My Advantages

  • Fridge versions or freezer versions available
  • 12 / 24 V Secop compressor
  • Universal kit AC / DC optional for a complete power supply compatibility (12 / 24 V, 230 / 115 V and 50 / 60 Hz)
  • Self-priming sea water pump to ensure extra high efficiency for tropical applications
  • Variable speed water pump according to the temperature of the water circulating inside the condenser